Monday, 17 February 2014

CEOs!! Survey questions! Business Plan!


Zheng Yang

Please make sure that you have done the following! It is your responsibility to keep the group on task and meet the deadlines.

1. Shared your group business plan via google doc with me! (

2. Emailed me your survey questions! Your sharing of results is due next week! So, you have to let me clear the questions, conduct the survey, compile the results and interpret the results! Then you have to present the survey results.

Thank you.

Ms Choo

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Business Plan Lesson Two

Write an introduction of your business in report format (in the template provided) consisting of:
ìBusiness Description (what are you selling? Brief description of the products/ services)
ìBusiness Legal structure (ownership and funding) 
ìJustify why your business is selected in this structure
ìBusiness Type (BtoB/ BtoC?)
ìLocation (Address of your business/ office)

ìMarket (local/ national/ global)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Business Feasibility Lesson One


  1. Business Plan Template
  2. Good Example of Business Plan
  3. Example of Can-be-better Business Plan

Develop your own survey form for your product/ services

ìWhat do you want to find out?
ìMinimum 10 questions, Maximum 15 questions
ì10 survey responds per student
ìEmail your I&E teacher by next lesson for clearance of the survey questions (

ìDisclaimer: This survey is entirely an I&E project for academic purposes only. No real product/service shown in this survey is being manufactured or sold

Legal Structure of Business (To be completed BEFORE next lesson)

Watch this video if you have not watched it (forward to your legal structure assigned)

 Group to share with class (1 group, 1 legal structure) at next week class
ìSole proprietorship - Pandan Leaf Inc
ìPartnership - Swagalot
ìLimited partnership 
ìLimited liability partnership - White Chocolate
ìCompany – Private and Public - Kyrous Dev Ltd

Discuss and present as a group (Max 5 Sildes)
ìWhat are some of the characteristics?
ìLegal statutes
ìFormalities and expenses
ìContinuity in Law
ìClosing of business

ìHow does legal structure affects size of business?
ìList some examples of Current Companies


Counting bytes

Post your 10 brands along with at least 2 characteristics of the category of perception.
You are to create a product or service, brand name, and a tagline / slogan (not more than 5 words)

1. Apple
Quality and Durable Products, Sleek and Modern Design
2. Amazon
Worldwide fast Delivery, many products available
3. Google
Innovative applications, Up on trend
4. Microsoft
Windows, Games
5. Addidas,Nike
Popular footwear company, Durable & Quality control