Friday, 25 July 2014

Swagalot Pte Ltd- Cashflow

Cash Outflows   

Worker's Salary- 
4 x $2500 a month 

Lease of a shop- 
Capital of at least $400 000

$7000 Per Month

Production of devices- 
Each Swagphone (Main Product) is is calculated at around $250 (to cover raw material, packaging and direct labor costs), over 1000 devices will be produced each day.

Lease of a warehouse for production of devices-
Capital of at least $100,000

$10 000 per month


Advertisements (Flyers, Posters, Commercials)- 

Promoters Salary- 
1 x $1000 per month

Office and Administration- 
$5500 per month

Cash Inflows

$100 000 (depends) as sponsorship will be cut off after a while 

$500 000

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