Monday, 20 January 2014

~Branding~By Jodie~

  1. What is a brand? Write down 3 things that you do not already know from the video and post it in the I&E blog.
    A brand is the image of the company, in basic terms. For example, Coca Cola, has a long-standing, well-known image. When someone sees bubbles in a red backdrop, and the Edwardian script font, people would associate that with the brand Coca Cola. When someone sees brand X soft drink, and they compare it with Coca Cola, they look at their past experiences with the brands. They might not have liked the taste of X, but they might prefer Coca Cola because of the fun, trustworthy and dependable reputation they have had for a long time. Brand X might have just started out, and does not have a stable reputation, because people would have trusted Coca Cola for a longer time, and they have a preconceived notion that Coca Cola is the best, and that Brand X would never match Coca Cola's standards. This shows how important branding is. 

2. If you are brand consulting company, helping companies to build their brands, what would your slogan be? (Not more than 5 words)

Building your image, Trust in us.

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