Sunday, 19 January 2014

What is a brand?

1. What is a brand? Write down 3 things that you do not already know from the video and post it in the I&E blog.
It is a name given to a product from a certain company (eg. Louis Vuitton). It will be the company's rise (eg. Apple where everyone likes apple and will continue to buy Apple phones) or, it can be their fall (eg. Company X produces lousy goods. People will see their brand and walk off as they know how horrible that company is.). Also, It shows the class of the people using it. (Apple is high class and those using Apple will be like a "higher class" than those without Apple phones.)
2. If you are brand consulting company, helping companies to build their brands, what would your slogan be? (not more than 5 words)
1. A life changer
2. Now or never
3. Do it now
4. You will never be the same
5. Innovation Now

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